A word from the Chairman

  • VP of the Urban Community Seine-Essonne
  • Deputy  Mayor of Coudray-Montceaux
  • SEM Genopole  Chairman

Life Sciences and more particularly the biotechnology sector open new public health horizons. The implementation of new processing and drugs lead us to favor the creation of innovative young firms. We also open our premises to host bigger and more experienced companies in the following fields: health-related innovations, environment, bioinformatics…

Our vocation is to offer you an adapted and flexible real estate offer. We will welcome you in one of our company’s hosting center in the very heart of Genopole Bioparc in Evry.

The concentration of actors and researchers on the Genopole Bioparc campuses is one of the keys to success in your development project.

Thanks to the 25 000 m² of laboratories that have already been built, we can offer you a wide range of real estate products, that will guide you in all your growth’s steps.

Also, our available landholdings enable us to build 5 500 extra m² while respecting the fast building delays.

SEM Genopole shareholders : Conseil Régional d’Ile de France, Conseil Général de l’Essonne, la Caisse des dépôts et Consignations and the chamber of Commmerce and Industry of l’Essonne, bring their human and financial means in favor of the companies hosted in Bioparc Genopole.