Genopole Campus News
  •   AlgaeStream

    In early September, a new company AlgaeStream has moved into the Business Center. Their main activity is to design solutions for the production of microalgae on a large scale, and for this, they develop their concept / process in plants that produce biomass.
    Applications are in the areas of food processing, animal feed, biofuel and clean-up.

  •   Cellectis

    Always in Campus 1, building 8, SEM Genopole has begun development work for the installation of a subsidiary of Cellectis: Ectycell company. They should settle in early January 2012.

  •   Mat Biopharma

    In early July, the company Mat Biopharma changed its name and became "MabLife." A few weeks ago they moved within Campus 1 but they are still in building 8. "

  •   Space available for rent at Campus 1 and 3

    - A set of offices (300 m²)
    - An empty stage to convert (473 m²)
    - A floor plate office converted into offices with a lab L1 (225 m²)
    - A floor plate office converted into offices and 2 Lab L1 (289 m²)
    - A floor plate office converted into offices and lab L1 (194 m²)
    - A t floor plate office converted into offices, storage and laboratory L1 (450 m²)
    - Offices in the Business Center.
    Contact: Fabrice TARATTE (Phone: 01 60 87 14 71 - Email:

  •   Movement of a tenant to Campus 1

    Since Oct. 15 the company Global Bioenergy, expanded its presence in the building Genavenir 8 to add an additional 740 m² to its existing location (670 m²).
    This doubling of the surfaces was necessary, due to the arrival of new staff and the installation of robotic equipment.