Genopole Campus News
  •   Welcome to XPERTECH

    Welcome to XPERTECH

    Xpertech is an engineering firm that assists microbiological laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing units on technical issues of facilities and equipment with high constraints. Xpertech optimizes the efficiency of technical and industrial equipment since the phases of feasibility, installation, testing, validation and qualification to the equipment maintenance.
    The company is established Campus 1, building 8, gate 849, since 20th February 2013.*


  •   Welcome to VAXON BIOTECH

    Welcome to VAXON BIOTECH

    VAXON Biotech is a private company founded in 2004 with the participation of Genopole and Inserm-Transfert. The company develops innovative therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancers including lung, gastric, prostate, breast, renal, liver and colorectal cancers, using its proprietary technology of optimized cryptic peptides. VAXON Biotech’s vaccines are intended to treat existing cancers (therapeutic vaccines) by stimulating the immune system to recognize and attack human cancer cells without harming normal cells.
    Since its installation in the Campus 1, building 8, gate 849, 15th January 2013, the company uses a L2 laboratory for cells culture and a L1 laboratory to perform in situ hybridization.


  •   Welcome to EMF Consulting

    Welcome to EMF Consulting

    EMF Consulting, PhinC Development group, provides drug development services (Phase IIb and III), related to study design, analysis and development planning, essentially based on the use of Modeling & Simulation techniques.
    EMF provides also customized training workshops to help clinical development staff respond efficiently to clinical development challenges.
    EMF Consulting is established in the Campus 1, Business Center, Building 8, gate 861.


  •   Welcome to OSSEOMATRIX

    Welcome to OSSEOMATRIX

    OSSEOMATRIX, represented by Mister Didier Nimal (CEO) just moved on our Technical Facilities Plateform, offices 8 et 9december, December the 1st 2012.

    OSSEOMATRIX designs, manufactures and markets customized biceramic implants for orthopedic ans cranio-maxillofacial bone losses.

    Wecome to GENOMIC

  •   Welcome to GENOMIC

    Since September 1st 2012, GENOMIC established an office on Campus 1, building 8, Technical Facility 137. GENOMIC designs, develops, and produces automates, instrumentations and software for Life Science activities.