Genopole Campus News
  •   Welcome to Plasmaprime

    Welcome to Plasmaprime

    Plasmaprime is a French company specialized in the field of quality assurance adapted to blood transfusion. It assists the development of institutions involved for the transposition of international quality standards to ensure quality and safety compliance of blood and blood derivatives. Plasmaprimehas consulting activities but also audit/diagnostic, training and project management.

    The company is located Campus1, Building 8, door 845,since 1st October, 2013.


  •   IMT signed a lease contract

    IMT signed a lease contract

    On July 25th,IMT signed a lease for its future offices in Building 1. The IMT is a training center specializing in biotechnology professions and Health and Beauty industries. Until January 2014, the building will be refitted according the association’s needs. Then in February 2014, the IMT will fully exploit its new premises and ensure the trainings.
    IMT will be installed Building 1, Campus 3.


  •   Welcome to Stratégique Santé

    Welcome to Stratégique Santé

    Stratégique santé is a consulting and training in health economy. Their main subjects are the Market Access, medico-economic studies and of course the health care system understanding. Stratégique Santé offers turnkey training or tailor-made training according to trainees’ profile.

    The company is located one campus, Building 8, 814 door, since 17th July 2013.


  •   OSSEOMATRIX has grown

    Since 15 May 2013, OSSEOMATRIX moved a few meters to accommodate an additional workspace and new employees. The company is still on Campus 1, building 8, gate 814.



  •   Welcome to ARCHIMEJ Technology

    Welcome to ARCHIMEJ Technology

    ARCHIMEJ TECHNOLOGY is a French start-up focused on the development of its proprietary technology: SPECTROSCOPY 2.0®. The SPECTROSCOPY 2.0® breaks through the paradigm of absorption spectroscopy: turning the art of separating the light spectrum, into the art of dynamically controlling it. Created in august 2012, based on three optic and electronic innovations, ARCHIMEJ TECHNOLOGY enables the materialization of ultra-compact, high sensitivity and low cost spectrometers for a wide range of applicative industries: Biomedical, Food, Environment, Chemical and Aerospace.
    The company moved on campus 1, building 8, gate 849, since 20th February 2013.